CUB Communicator Winter 2021 Edition
Greetings! We are going through some changes with our systems as we modernize our website so we've gone a little vintage with this quarter's edition of our CUB Communicator newsletter. It's chock-full of information but instead of jamming it all into an email, we published it as a PDF document that you can interact with as if you were holding it in your own hands. Use the frame below to interact with the newsletter. You can read it right here or you can download it, print it, or use our preferred way to read it by clicking the square icon with rounded corners on the right and make it full screen. Then use the arrows to flip through it just like you would if it was printed. So grab a cup of holiday cheer and dive in! Cheers!

Stay tuned...

We hope you enjoyed our little throwback to a "print" CUB Communicator this month. So much is happening right now! Our volunteers are working hard learning new tools and getting us ready to run new programs in 2022, including a major operational overhaul to modernize our digital presence. None of this happens with support like yours so please consider a donation to CUB this holiday season. Every dollar you donate will go towards furthering our mission. We have a long legacy in the adoption community being the first organization created for and run by birthparents. We are looking forward to carrying that legacy onward in many ways. Your donation is tax deductible by the way. Thank you!

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PS - We accept checks too! Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 703486 Dallas, TX 75370

Another way to donate: Did you know you can help CUB every time you shop on Amazon?

AmazonSmile is the same exact website as except where Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. Just sign up and indicate CUB as the recipient and then make sure you're using instead of just when you make an Amazon order from here on out. It's a great passive way to donate to us without any expense to you!

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